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Tiggered From Head to Toe

My daughter loved Tigger from Winnie the Pooh. She loved it so much that her godmother gave her a Tigger costume for Halloween when she was 18 months old. She was adorable in this  orange-and-black-striped, one-piece jumpsuit that had a hood with ears. She love her Tigger costume.

In fact, she never took it off. With the exception of bath and diaper-changing time, she was Tiggered from head to toe for about 10 months.

She would cry if we tried to cajole her out her costume. In holiday photos, her dad, brother and I wore similar colors. My daughter wore Tigger. At winter and spring holiday celebrations, her dad, brother and I wore nice party clothes. My daughter wore Tigger.

The Tigger costume was so much a part of her that I had to undress her in her sleep to wash it. (This was pre-Amazon Prime days, so there was no way to order a second Tigger costume.) I would dry her costume and dress her before she woke up and  was aware of my deception. (I am sure she is reading this. Sorry to have tricked you, M.A.!)

My daughter wore Tigger for 10 months. The legs and arms went from being too long to being embarrassingly too short on her. I am not sure why she stopped wearing Tigger but have to wonder if comfort and ease of movement had something to do with her choice to put on a princess dress.

Today, Tigger is tucked away in a storage container, and I hope that one day in the future my Tigger has the opportunity to have a Tigger of her own.

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