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A Preview of A Journey Towards More

I always arrive early to set up my classroom. I plan and display the activities so that they are equal parts engaging, stimulating, challenging and can be scooped up whenever they motivate one of my little students to turn my carefully planned hands-on learning materials into weapons and projectiles.

I always arrive early so I have time to prepare and brace myself for the roller coast that is my day. I have to ask myself- will today be harmonious or full of tears interspersed with me frantically interrupting misdirected social interactions.

My program director always starts her day by wandering in and out of the classrooms. She shares, “good mornings,” and “how was your evening?” She asks about our families and shares pertinent information we need to know for that particular day. Her announcement immediately converts my anxiety for the uncertainty of the day into that perfect, rainbow unicorn kind of day: “Cole is going to be absent.”

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