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Food Shouldn't Touch on the Plate

I recently discovered a set of fondue plates for $3.99 at a local resale shop. These fondue plates have five separate compartments surrounding a separate middle circle. They were perfect. Christmas is upon us, and I enjoy finding perfect gifts for my loved ones. More specifically, I enjoy finding the perfect gag, albeit useful, gift. These fondue plates filled all of these categories: Gift- check!, Gag gift- check! Useful gag gift- check!

Since they were little, my children they have hated when one food item touches another. This hatred continues in their young adulthood and is especially present when when we get together in my home for a family meal. One would think the world is coming to an end if their garlic bread touches their lovingly prepared spaghetti. These fondue plates will ensure that no piece of asparagus will ever touch a piece of a cheeseburger ever again. I can not wait to see the joy on my children’s faces this next Christmas morn! #christmas #sensoryintegration #gifts #education #management #inspiration

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