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There is No App to Stop Parents from Worrying About Their Children

My husband teases me because I am data gal. He also enabled my fascination with data analytics by giving me a fitness tracking watch, which reports my heart rate, sleep patterns, steps and calories burned with the push of a button. If I were a new parent, I would be the perfect prospect for the new apps that track every aspect of an infant’s development.

One such app was shared with me by a new mom. She was so proud that she knew (and could share graphic reports) of her daughter’s every bowel movement, which she had tracked since the very first one.

Another app, called Wonder Weeks, allows parents to track every developmental milestone of an infant’s first two years. It also provides push notifications that alert parents of anticipated, near-future developmental milestones.

I wonder how new parents react when their child’s bowel movement graph changes due to regular, normal irregularity. I also wonder how these parents will cope with a child who, due to physiological, neurological or environmental reasons, does not master the preprogrammed developmental milestones on the preprogrammed schedule. There is no app for the emotional support new parents need, because regardless of how consistent the bowel movement graph is or how regularly a child meets anticipated developmental milestones, data collection will not alleviate the constant worry shared by all parents.

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