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Rubber Boots, Patent Leather Penny Loafers, Sandals and Sneakers

As a director of a school, my day’s footwear is chosen not by my wish to accessorize my outfit but by the task(s) I have to perform.

Sneakers: I am probably subbing in a classroom. I will probably want to run around with the children on the playground. I will also probably be on my feet all day.

Sandals: I usually choose these for the same reason as sneakers, but when know that some sort of messy, sandy, water play is planned. I usually do not want wet sand or mud in my sneakers, hence the sandals.

Patent leather penny loafers: This is me dressing up for work. I usually debate whether or not a little heel might be nice. I never consider anything more than 1-1 ½ inches, mind you. However, I quickly disregard any attempt to wear a cute shoe because I know that I could end up subbing in a classroom, running around the playground or tromping through mud, sand and water. (See above.)

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