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Infants Need Physical Contact with Other People Not Devices

Updated: Nov 27, 2018

My husband showed me the most ridiculous baby soothing device I have ever seen. Imagine an upside down swing where the baby lies on the outside of the bowl. This bowl then moves in a figure eight motion, one the baby should find soothing. I can see how this device could seem like a dream come true for new, sleep-deprived parents. However a short-term gain is not worth the long need of the child. Infants develop trusting relationships through the care

taking they receive. The nurturing and comfort they receive through touch decreases serotonin levels, which, as a feedback loop, helps infants learn to self-regulate. No matter how high-tech the device is, it can never replace the loving touch of an attentive caregiver—even if the caregiver is sleep deprived. hashtag#marketing hashtag#education hashtag#sleepdeprivation hashtag#parenting hashtag#newborn

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