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Amazon Alexa Apps for Kids

We recently purchased an Echo Show (2nd Generation) for my mother-in-law. The commercials depicting families easily connecting with a loved ones via video conferencing makes time and space as simple as as commanding, “Alexa, call ________” (fill in your preferred name).  

Amazon’s Alexa has other apps that are appropriate for early childhood:

1) Chompers Brushing your teeth doesn't have to be a chore. Chompers walks your kids through the correct brushing technique while keeping them entertained. Alexa will tell jokes, teach your kids about tooth bacteria and play fun music while your young ones brush, with separate routines customized for morning and night brushing.  

2) Meeximo LLC Tongue Twister Remember those tongue twisters you loved stumbling over as a kid? Now, your kids can ask Meeximo LLC Tongue Twister for one of those challenges. Trying to say "stupid superstition" or "a proper copper coffee pot" five times fast will be tons of fun, and it will help your kids practice their diction.

3) Baby Lullaby If you just can't get your baby to sleep, Alexa can help. Baby Lullabyplays a beautiful, soothing, and very catchy tune that's sure to lull your tot into a peaceful slumber. It may even put you to sleep!

4) Sesame Street The classic kids' show is now on the Amazon Echo with the Sesame Streetskill, aimed at preschoolers. Children can interact with fan-favorite character Elmo, learning about the letter of the day and playing hide-and-go-seek, complete with silly sound effects.

5) NASA Mars Have a kid who just loves space? NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory offers NASA Mars, which lets you ask Alexa questions about Mars, such as "How big is it?" or "Why is it red?" The skill also provides weekly updates from NASA about the rovers roaming the surface of the Red Planet.

A comprehensive list of child-appropriate Alexa apps can be found at:

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