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Environmental Design in Early Childhood Programs

Every early childhood program struggles with finances. Many programs use every licensable space in order to have as large of a census, i.e., more revenue, as possible. While this makes financial sense, there are consequences that can impact the morale and stability of the staff. Utilizing every possible space for children means that there is less space for storage. Some programs repurpose the space used by teachers for breaks, or prepare their lessons, or connect with each other. If space is not designated for the non-revenue-generating components that directly impact the quality of the programming, the clients will begin to notice the impact. They will notice clutter or staff turnover. Ultimately, some families will choose other programs because of these observations, which impacts a program’s revenue after all. hashtag#education hashtag#management hashtag#finance hashtag#creativity hashtag#parenting hashtag#programming hashtag#teaching hashtag#environment

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