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Cold Weather Play

Teaching in an early childhood program in the midwest has a specific kind of challenge— especially for any teacher who appreciates taking children outside. If programs choose to keep children inside once the weather turns cold, this can mean that children will miss being outside for play for up to three-quarters of the year. Fortunately for children, their families and teachers, modern outdoor wear ensures that a child is warm, dry and comfortable. Here are some tips for how children should dress for school in cold weather.

As soon as the temperature drops below 50 degrees, switch from rubber rain boots to insulated rain or winter boots. Wool-blend socks will keep feet warm in cold weather. Cotton socks are a poor choice for outdoor winter play. Snow pants, snow coat, warm hat, waterproof mittens, insulated boots and a neck warmer are important for cold weather play, even when there is no snow. Sweatpants (or similar) worn over regular pants, topped with rain pants, can also provide warmth and protection in cold, wet weather, and are a good option for those in-between days when it is cold and raining #education #management #outdoorplay #cold #earlychildhood

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