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Caution is Advised When One Partakes

Many states, including my own, are legalizing marijuana. In fact, some are considering legalizing psychedelic mushrooms. The intention of this post is not to debate whether or not people should partake of these substances. Nor am I trying to provoke a debate on whether or not they should become legal. This post simply offers a word of caution.

Modern marijuana is much more potent than the pot many of us sampled in our youth. Additionally, it is now sold in fun, almost artisanal, forms, including gummy bears, brownies, tinctures and chocolate. They are appealing to adults but are also easily mistaken as a tempting treat by children.  

According to The Hill:

“Six middle schoolers in Florida were reportedly hospitalized Thursday after eating THC-infused gummies at school.

The gummy candies were brought by a seventh-grader who is now facing seven felony charges.

The six Mulberry Middle School students in Florida reportedly ate almost all of a 100-milligram marijuana candy in gym class, according to the Lakewood Ledger. The 100-milligram gummy makes up 10 individual doses.” (The Hill, 11/30/18)

An early lesson to be learned is that whoever chooses to have these items in their home must also assume the responsibility of securing them so that children do not have access. These potent, appealing  treats should not be shared with children.

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