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Bido- A Word Only a Mother Can Understand

“Bido!" " hashtag#education hashtag#training hashtag#millennials hashtag#wellness hashtag#school hashtag#backtoschool hashtag#howto hashtag#sound Bido!” said more intensely. My 3-year-old, barely verbal son insisted that he needed a “bido.” And I did the dance that all parents know so well. I handed him his favorite toy train. Nope! I handed him the wooden spoon I was using. Nope! I tried a barrette — a word starting with a “b” sound. Nope. I watched him devolve into a full-blown temper tantrum, with “bido” being the only word I could distinguish between tears and wall kicks. Turns out that a bido is a specific kind of ballpoint pen. I have no idea how I figured that out, but I am sure this desperate situation called desperate measures. I am also certain that I did my fair share of jumping around, randomly grabbing and dangling household objects in front of his nose until bido was defined. This bido-loving son is now 23 years old. He is an artist, has a huge collection of ballpoint and other pens. He also has a robust vocabulary, and has not had a temper tantrum in a long time. But like most moms, I still find myself trying to define the words that comprise his millennial world. hashtag#toddlers

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