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Our Elf on the Shelf Fun

Social media has many photos of the tricks Elf on the Shelf is playing on families. I even saw the shenanigans played on a Jewish family by their Mensch on a Bench. My family had a generic Elf, who inspired my teen and preteen children to declare “Elf Wars.” During Elf Wars, we found my oldest son’s bedroom door completely taped shut from the outside with painter’s tape. My daughter’s toothpaste was surprisingly squirted all over the sink. My youngest son woke to his entire floor decorated with a walking path of legos.

Regardless of the level of mischief made by this sweet little toy, the underlying theme is is whimsy and fun. In my home, I would prefer that resources such as toothpaste and tape were not wasted. However, they are well worth the shared bellylaughs. #education #inspiration #art #creativity #parenting #fun #joy

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